Vintage Chart


The vintage chart can be very useful to wine consumers. It’s a tool that often is overlooked amidst all the reviews and enjoyment of wine.

Generally, if a specific wine-growing region has great weather there is a good chance the wine produced there will be very good. Of course the winemaker’s experience and what he or she does with the juice comes into play. Can a winemaker make a great vintage seem not so great? Of course, but that doesn’t usually happen.

Can a winemaker turn fruit from a bad growing season into a very good wine? Not usually. A bad crop is a bad crop and you can’t fix it. Mother nature still has some say, but wine regions typically have more decent years than bad ones.

Information about the regional quality of a particular vintage can be very useful when deciding on a wine purchase. Unfortunately, this information doesn’t get a lot of attention. One of the goals of is to provide this for you – the wine consumer.

To find out more, click on the link to Robert Parker’s site (the Vintage Chart) and see his vintage chart. We have nothing but respect for the  man and trust his opinion on vintages. Find the region where the wine you love comes from and see how it is rated from a vintage standpoint.

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